Bots 101: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In our industry, the term bot applies to software applications designed to perform an automated task at a high rate of speed. Typically, I use bots at Radware to aggregate data for intelligence feeds or to automate a repetitive task.

How Secure Is Your Digital Super Bowl Experience?

Over the last few years I have traveled around the world, researching and watching stadiums digitally evolve from the structures I once knew as a kid. I grew up watching the San Diego Chargers play in what was then called

Dans le cyberespace, personne ne vous entend crier

La guerre digitale  est déclarée Ransomware. Il n’a fallu que quelques jours pour que la planète entière comprenne le potentiel dévastateur de ce nouveau genre de virus, capable de crypter et de bloquer toutes les données stockées sur un ordinateur