The U.S. Government’s Response to Election-Related Cyber Threats

The presidential election in the United States is unofficially over, with the race being called by every major news outlet in favor of Joe Biden. The United States, as many predicted, did not converge on an instant or an uncontested

Be On Alert During Election Season

So far, 2020 has been anything but uneventful when it comes to election processes around the world. From disruptive DDoS attacks to influential campaigns, several countries have already experienced election interfering cyberattacks this year. So, as we head into October, I figured

Digital Attacks on Educational Resources

It’s fair to say that this year has been an atypical year for the educational threat landscape. With closures in response to COVID and the looming threat of additional waves, schools have been forced to digitally transform in ways we could have

Hybrid Warfare: How Cancel Culture Can Fuel a War

The term “hybrid warfare” is difficult to define. How you define it may depend on how a government views hybrid threats. Hybrid warfare is no longer a subject that is exclusively studied by armed forces; the conversation has widened tremendously

K-Pop Fans Are the New Anonymous

Back in 2016, the once-notorious hacktivist group Anonymous fell apart. It was during the U.S. presidential campaign when Anonymous publicly announced two operations with conflicting political agendas: OpTrump vs. OpHillary. As a result, Anonymous fell apart due to internal fighting over political affiliation. What was

Ghosting Bots: The Story of Hoaxcalls Failures

Ghosting: A term used to describe the practice of ceasing all communication and contact with a partner, friend or bot. The operators of the Hoaxcalls Botnet, also known as the XTC IRC Botnet, have been developing this new family of botnets

Who’s Viktor? Tracking down the XTC/Polaris Botnets

In April, both Radware and Palo Alto Networks published reports about a new botnet family called ‘Hoaxcalls’. Both reports detailed the development of a new, fast-moving, and relatively noisy campaign. While IoT botnet variants are very common since the publication of the Mirai source code, the samples covered

DDoS in the Time of COVID-19: Attacks and Raids

There is no escaping it. COVID-19 is dominating headlines and has impacted virtually every corner of the world. Like most people at this point, I’m 30 days into isolation and trying everything in my power to ignore the elephant in the room

Expected Technology at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Pending the spread of COVID-19, I will be traveling to Japan this year for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. This will be my second trip to the Olympics for research purposes, but to be honest, this feels more like a

Don’t Get Scammed During the Hypest Moment in History

This year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo may arguably be one of the hypest and most technologically advanced sporting events in history. Unfortunately, many people will not be able to attend in person, and will miss out on the debut appearance