5 Cyber Lessons Learned From the U.S. Election

Last week, I took a deep dive into U.S. election-related topics, including the government’s response to potential cyber threats, the issue of malspam during the election, and whether or not nation-state attacks had a meaningful impact on the election. It’s not always DDoS. While many

Did Nation-State Attacks Impact the U.S. Elections?

Every election process, going back for ages, has faced the threat of possible election interference in one form or another. The only thing that has changed in terms of foreign election intervention today is the way current operations are conducted

The Issue & Impact of Malspam in the U.S. Elections

Malspam, or malicious spam, is one of the most common and problematic attack vectors currently plaguing the cyber threat landscape. It is a very effective method for delivering emails in bulk that contain a phishing message directing victims to either

The U.S. Government’s Response to Election-Related Cyber Threats

The presidential election in the United States is unofficially over, with the race being called by every major news outlet in favor of Joe Biden. The United States, as many predicted, did not converge on an instant or an uncontested