More Destructive Botnets and Attack Vectors Are on Their Way

What can I say? 2019 has been an eventful year for botnet operators. We have seen everything from large scale take-downs that target those that host malicious services to new and improved attack vectors. While the attack landscape continues to grow

Cybersecurity for Dummies

A little over a year ago I was honored to be asked by Joseph Steinberg to technically review an educational piece designed to help families and businesses mitigate common cyber threats. Today, Cybersecurity for Dummies began shipping, providing users with

Botnets: Architectures, Countermeasures, and Challenges

Summary: This book provides solid, state-of-the-art contributions from both scientists and practitioners working on botnet detection and analysis, including botnet economics. It presents original theoretical and empirical chapters dealing with both offensive and defensive aspects in this field. Chapters address